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Personal Development

Personal Training solutions

How do we perform our training programmes?

The final design of each training programme is adapted to our client‘s needs and requirements. In other words, trainings are tailor made fulfilling the individual needs of particular company. It means that our management development specialists begin to work on the specific content of the training programme according to the client’s requirements, conception and especially their development needs.

Who participates in the training programme concept?

A team of consultants and professional lecturers who are specialists in particular areas represent EuroView.

Why training programme?

The basic objective is to obtain new professional skills essential for the successful performance in the area of management, business and complex personal development.

What are training programmes really like?

Training programs are implemented using professional teaching methods, real situation simulation methods, business meeting demonstrations, role plays, new skill trainings, etc,. Each training programme content is adjusted to the client’s needs by a team of professional lecturers based on the identification of real development needs. These reflect the prevailing situation in the company and main objectives set out in the training programme.

Who do we provide training programmes for?

Development training programmes are designed for the following target groups:

  • Top management
  • Middle and Lower level management
  • Sales managers/teams
  • Assistants and Secretaries

How long does training programme take?

The training programme duration depends primarily on the set training objectives, training programme content and particular target group. The average training programme length is two days.

How many participants take part in a training programme?

One training group is comprised of approximately 10 to 12 participants. Given this number of participants, we guarantee professional implementation of all methodical techniques, quality sustainability and dynamics of the programme by the means of the individual approach of lecturer to each participant. In case there are more participants involved in a group, there are at least two lecturers working with the group.

Which methods does EuroView use?

Most of the programmes are characterized by the term: ”experience training programmes“, in which the following methods are used: managed group discussion, individual and group task solving, case studies, networking, role play, team building, strategic games, situation dramas, challenge activities, video training, video analysis, creativity projects, outdoor activities and information inputs of professional lecturers and experts.

Where do the training programmes take place?

Any place in Slovak and Czech Republic - preferably in non-working environments. We can recommend to our clients some training facilities that we have positive experience with.

What comes next after the training programme?

After each completed training programme, we work out final report including programme development description, used methods, remarks, lecturer evaluation and participant’s satisfaction analyses. The report also contains overall programme evaluation with respect to the accomplishment of training objectives. Such a feedback becomes a starting point for further professional development and training structure optimalisation for the next term.

Assessment Centre

If you decide to evaluate the level of knowledge of your employees the best tool to measure the current situation represents the Assessment Centre.

Assessment Centre realisation provides you with key information about employees examined. The structure and methods of managing an Assessment Centre becomes a result of close cooperation between our team and our client.

Assessment centre characteristics

The Assessment Centre is exclusively tailor-made which means that method selection is adjusted to the specifications of job positions and level of work competences required.

The Assessment Centre represents a highly efficient method also used when selecting candidates for different positions. The Assessment Centre provides relatively exact picture of employee’s future job performance.

The tasks are designed according to the desired profile of performance, personality, social and managerial qualities needed for the particular position (profiles of competences).

Process of implementation:

  • Monitoring of required skills, knowledge and capabilities for the particular position (profiles of competences).
  • Activity Matrix Design
  • Assessment Centre moderation and facilitation
  • Monitoring and data gathering
  • Final report that contains profiles of monitored candidates, their strengths and weaknesses

Development Centre

If you want to find out the possibilities of your employees' further development the most suitable tool is Development Centre.

Development Centre helps you acquire information about further development possibilities for not only individuals but also whole teams.

The structure and methods to manage a Development Centre is always a result of close cooperation between our team and our client

Development Centre characteristics:

This program is exclusively tailor-made which means that method selection is adjusted to the specifications of job positions and level of work competences required.

Development centre outputs are used for composition of individual development plans. Development centre participants are given feedback as a basis needed for training.

Process of implementation:

  • Monitoring of required skills, knowledge and capabilities for the particular position (profiles of competences).
  • Activity Matrix Design
  • Development Centre moderation and facilitation
  • Monitoring and data gathering
  • Individual feedback
  • Final report that contains profiles of monitored candidates their strengths and weaknesses
  • Design of further development areas, projection of development training and couching activities.

Psychological Diagnostics

Psychological Diagnostics is one of the most suitable tools if you decide to select candidates for key positions using psychological profiles.

Psychological Diagnostics is based on utilization of standard psychological tests and methods. Test batteries are always set individually according to the purpose and objective based on client’s needs.

Psychological Diagnostics characteristics

Psychological Diagnostics enables employees' appraisal from the following points of view:

  • Personality characteristics (dominance-submission, extrovert-introvert, rigidity-flexibility, stability-unstableness, ambitiousness etc,.)
  • Qualities (trustworthiness, honesty, fairness, reliability etc,.)
  • Will (endurance, resolution etc,)
  • Temper (sanguine-choleric-melancholic-phlegmatic)
  • Capabilities (intellectual, managerial etc,)
  • Views (motives, attitudes, interests etc,)

Output for the client

  • Final personality profile
  • Final report containing monitoring of performance skills, personality characteristics and social competencies.
  • Advice for the client regarding optimal utilization of skills of tested employees.

Implementation and processing of psychological diagnostics tools is in competence of our professional psychologists with diagnostics experience.



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